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Program, an example

Day one: Arrival in Sousse (by Monastir), information night, sleeping over in Sousse.

Day two: Travelling towards the oasis and the desert, visiting  Kairouan, Sbeitla and Metlaoui, sleeping in Nefta, (visting mosques and museums) – one day with 3000 years of history.

Day three: Visiting the mountain oasises Chebika and Tamerza and the scenery of Star Wars in the desert. Sleeping in Nefta, night of culture (conference about culture and society, live music and dance).

Day four: Visiting the Center in Degache and the large oasis (learning about life in the oasis: culture, economy, agriculture etc.), crossing the salt lake, arriving in Zaafrane, sleeping in the Sahara desert after riding camels for two-three hours.

Day five: A whole day in the desert, get to know life in the desert, cooking, care of camels, beduin tents...

Day six: Riding back to Zaafrane, travelling to Matmata (city of crater houses), visiting families, sleeping in Sousse and a free night for shopping etc.

Day seven: Going back home.


A program of ten or fourteen days may include:

- Visiting the island of Djerba with two nights in Zarzis (spa, swimming, visiting the synagoge - cultural life and commerce between Libya and Tunisia).

- Visiting the capital Tunis, Bardo museum (with the world's largest and best preserved collection of roman mosaic), the cathedral, the Medina etc.


All the programs have varied from school to school, depending on their interests, what they wanted to experience and learn.


Long term program:


Based on life and culture in the oasis and in the Sahara desert by directly contact with the local people, their life, culture, work, agriculture, art and craftmanship.




Also individually some university students have used the Center as internship for three months. They were mainly students of social work (child welfare).