Tel (+216) 98 450 170

Fax (+216) 76 420 410 

The school chooses which airline to use. Our Center will welcome the school at the arrival airport in Tunisia (Monastir/Tunis/Djerba).



We use the most comfortable buses for long distance transport between cities. On board we will give you information about the next location, the next program and about the landscape we pass.


Landrover (4x4)

We use landrover cars to drive in the desert, on sand dunes and other inaccessible places.


Horse and carriage

Transport with horse and carriage is used inside the oasis and between villages situated close to large oasises.



For trips in the desert each person gets their own camel. We ride far into the Sahara desert to establish a beduin camp, and to experience the desert in the same way as beduins and berber people.