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Because of the Roman ruins inside the oasis, we know that the oasis has existed here for over 2000 years. The great and beautiful oasis that can be bescribed with only one word; Paradise.


Date palms planted in an area of over 45 square kilometres form a natural green house, where every kind of fruit tree grows; from apple trees to bananas and figues.


There are also trees that bear granades, abricots, peaches, grapes, citrus fruits, almonds, olives etc.


The feeling of Paradise gets even stronger after we have crossed a part of the dry Sahara desert either by camel or by landrover.


Culture in the oasis, agriculture, watering systems, biology, conditions of living, contact with local people... Everything is different in the oasis and everything makes us think in new ways, because all things range from the most primitive to the most modern.


The Center is situated beside the oasis, and the oasis is like a huge garden which we use.