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The Sahara desert is three times larger than Western Europe all together. The silence there can not be described - it has to be experienced. The desert is a marvellous place where you can discover the soul and the heart speaking together, and where stress is absent.


There is so much time in the desert. You forget that you never have time for anything. You forget to talk about the weather, because the weather is always nice here. Even the sandwinds are so powerful and mighty and beautiful to watch.


The sand is so clean and soft that you want to swim in it. The beduins make bread in heated sand. Even the reptiles look sweet and friendly...


By night the cry of the desert wolves is a beautiful song. The star constellations in the sky appear, you feel that you almost can touch them. Every night is the hunt for shooting stars always a successful hunt, sometimes they look like fireworks.


The desert is even more charming when we ride our own camels, put up our own beduin tents, heat our own camp site and cook our own food while listening to the stories and songs of the berber camel guides.