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The Salt Lake

Beside the oasis where our cultural center is situated, we find the largest salt lake in the Sahara; Chott al Jarid (which means "the salt lake with palm trees"). It covers more than 7000 square kilometres. Because of the climate, and the fact that there is so little precipitation, the salt lake is almost dry in the summer, and we can see lots of mirages. 

The Roman Ruins

In Tunisia there are many great temples from the Roman empire, which are over 2000 years old. You can see ruins in the ancient city of Cartago outside the capital, in the roman city Sbeitla, beside roads and inside oasises. Tunisia also have a Colosseum, El Jem, which is only one floor lower than the famous Colosseum in Rome.  

Film sets

Many movie directors have used the beautiful landscapes around Aljaridi for their movies, such as Life of Brian, The English Patient and Star Wars (the planet Tatooine is named after the Tunisian city Tataoine).